Mobile App Integration Manual V1.0.0 – SA Gaming

Mobile App Integration Manual V1.0.0 - SA Gaming
Mobile App Integration Manual V1.0.0 - SA Gaming

To be able to allow your participant log in via our cellular program, you need to execute a”User authentication port” on your system to check the player. In the app that is a cell, a player has to log in by your platform’s username ending with’ @’ and your suffix, which we’ll supply you. For a participant with username peter1235 example along with the reception using the suffix’s’, he must enter the username as’peter1235@ab’. The password is going to be the exact same on your system. We’ll utilize the suffix to spot your”User authentication port” into your site to confirm the player. You need to apply an API to permit our system. We’ll deliver you the secret of encryption. It will make a request you supplied. Your API obtained the q and therefore parameters must decode the q and confirm it is md5 together with the s. The customer should check against their system, In case the verification passed. If the username is present on your system, you need to call SA Gaming API”LoginRequest” to be given a login token to the consumer.

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